Software is something that is becoming more and more important everyday. It all started over 30 years ago when it was many just large corporations who needed computers. Nobody originally thought that most people would have a computer for themselves in their own household. As the demand for computers has increased, so has the demand for computer software. We’re constantly looking for more and exciting ways of changing our lives with technology and it all starts with good pieces of software to provide the functionality for you.

It wasn’t many years ago when we were all forced to work with terminal windows in MS-DOS, an experience that wasn’t very user friendly. It was only when graphical user interfaces started to be used that people started to realise the potential of computers. As you can see, it really was computer software that led the development in this industry and not just the hardware side of it. This is something that not everyone knows sadly.

Perhaps the most exciting development was Windows 98. It was the first operating system that really took off and became popular. More and more applications were coming into the mainstream market. Developments in graphics were also coming in fast, we started seeing PC games available that were starting to use 3D graphics, something that had never been seen before. Businesses started to incorporate into their management – office suites such as Microsoft Office started coming into play which gave them advantages over competitors. It wasn’t too long before companies had no choice but to catch up with technology or would be left behind.

After the year 2000 a new idea came up – the idea of open source software. This is where projects can be worked on by people all around the world, all part of a community. Anyone could come in and contribute to it whenever they wanted. Nobody would be paid for it, it would all be done for the benefit of everyone. The first few projects attracted massive amounts of attention, one of the most famous of them being the Linux operating system. Some of the popular household applications that come under this category include GIMP (an image editing application) as well as RealPlayer (a tool used to play media files such as songs and movies).

Even today the industry is constantly changing. You can find a large number of open source software projects around these days, even some that are still running after over 10 years. Websites such as AXTSoftware have been developed to offer them to users, a type of portal of convenience. It helps people to find tools they may wish to install onto their computer and provide tutorials on how to do so too.

We aren’t exactly sure where the industry is heading or what is going to happen to both computer software and hardware but what we can say is it’ll definitely be interesting. We’re looking forward to watching what happens and we hope you’ll do the same. We’ll be writing about this subject and helping you to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of technology on our blog so make sure you come back often for more information.


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